Utudesign.netAbout & projects

Some companies we've worked for:
Spinefarm & Spikefarm Records, Universal Music, Mercury Records, Johanna Kustannus, Love Records, Ranka Records, Firebox & Firedoom Records, Woodcut Records, Cobra Records, Poko Records, Wintersunset Records etc.

Some artists we've worked with:
Children of Bodom, Sunrise Avenue, Tarja Turunen, Warmen, Reckless Love, Sotajumala, Meadow Island, Ajattara, Entwine, Charon, Kwan, Shamrain, Tuoni, Elias Viljanen, Janne Laurila, Maria Lund, Veeti Kallio, Jonna Geagea, Vesterinen Yhtyeineen, Mikko Pohjola, Embassy Of Silence, Enthrope.


Utudesign is a graphic design studio fulfilling wide range of graphic design needs with profession and dedication. We're specialized in music related designs, but are more than glad to work on any other projects as well. No matter what is the style you want to have or genre you present, we will be able to reach the needed demands.

We are here for:
CD cover artworks & layouts, Prepress services, Book covers & layouts, Digital book layouts (e-book), DVD covers & layouts, Magazine advertising, Brochures, Posters, Photography, Business cards, Shirts, Stickers, Website graphics & coding (XHTML & CSS), Web banners....

You name it.

Saattue - Vuoroveri CD
Client: Ranka Records

Entwine - Painstained CD
Client: Spinefarm Records

Entwine - Rough n' Stripped CD
Client: Spinefarm Records

Chthonian - The Preachings Of Hate Are Lord CD
Client: Woodcut Records

Deathlike Silence - Saturday Night Evil CD
Client: Spinefarm Records

Ablaze In Hatred - Quietude Plains CD
Client: Firedoom Records

Ajattara - Noitumaa CD
Client: Spikefarm Records

Onnen Laulut - Compilation CD
Client: Universal Music

Dirty Licks - Too Little Too Late CD
Client: Mercury Records

Dirty Licks - Misled Youth & Premiere Display CD Sinlges
Client: Mercury Records

Beherit - Oath Of Black Blood & Drawing Down The Moon Re-Release Layout
Client: Primitive Reaction

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